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USCHI KESZLER is an Olympic athlete and coach, and double cancer survivor. Having survived TB in her youth, and more recently survived both breast and uterine cancer, Uschi is determined to see cancer cured in her lifetime. She founded Pennies in Action® in 2007 and has been instrumental in raising funds for Dr. Brian Czerniecki's breakthrough vaccine.

Dear Friends,


My cup runneth over with gratitude and pride of our army of PIA crusaders which is growing daily.


That I am excited is the understatement.


We are now Pennies in Action, Patients in Action and recently started our new initiative “Kids in Action.” We have become the ultimate movement for a life without cancer and a better World !!!!


Can you imagine  Pennies in action is 8 years old.


We just reached another huge mile stone.


It took us 7 + years to raise $1 Million and now our first big milestone , we raised over $1 Million in less than 1 year . 1/1/15-1/12/15 !!!


I have to pinch myself that this has happened. We earned our credibility.


As you know we started with 2 pennies and a dream (a life without cancer)

Many laughed at us, can’t blame them.  well we raised $40 in our first month and had said we will help find the solution for cancer ...)


Since the beginning we supported the research of Dr. Brian Czerniecki MD PhD.

The results speak for themselves and are getting better and better.


For the last 6 years PIA and the Henle Fund have been pretty much the main  funding support . We believed from the beginning and how right we were...


We are so happy that Dr. Janos Tanyi MD PHD and Dr. Robert Roses MD PhD have joined the team.


We are so proud that thru our support of the lab the research is now ready to go into a trial for Gynecological cancer and the initial steps have been taken to use the same protocol for esophageal cancer.


This year alone the research has been published in over a dozen medical journals. Patients are coming for the trial from all over the US and as far a New Zealand. Which is further proof how special this is, since patients are willing to make the effort to come here when they could go anywhere.


None of this would have been possible without your generosity and we hope that we can keep counting on you for your help.


I will update our Founders corner regularly and keep you informed about what is happening.

Please check our web site for updates !!!!


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.

God Bless you all..









Dr. Brian Czerniecki MD, PhD and his team at the University of Pennsylvania have created a breakthrough breast cancer vaccine. The vaccine has ZERO toxins, NO SIDE EFFECTS, is BIODEGRADABLE and is activated using the patient's own white blood cells.


In 10 years, NONE of the patients who received the vaccine has had a recurrence.


A Randomized Trial of HER-2/neu Pulsed DC1 Vaccine for Patients with DCIS


OUR MISSION To remove the threat of cancer one vaccine at a time.


OUR VISION A life without cancer and for a better world.


VALUES Compassionate, Hands On, Patient Driven, Solution Driven

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