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Join the tsunami of concerned individuals growing world wide in efforts to raise funds necessary to allow the continued development of vaccines that really cure (or successfully fight) cancer!


We want to involve everyone, everywhere, in helping to beat cancer. To participate in purpling the globe, we are asking for people to give a donation of at least $1 each, as part of a larger group. Groups can be anywhere from 2 people to families, offices, events, companies, teams, and schools.


Purple the Globe started in local schools as part of our Youth Initiative, to fill in the void of funding cancer vaccines. At the urging of the kids participating, adults have become involved. CLICK HERE to see a sampling of the groups that have taken part in purpling the globe. From groups small to large, see how quickly the donations add up!


There are 74 million students in the US alone - we plan to go national into every school - please help us to connect in your community. Be a part of making history and save millions of lives by covering the world in purple!




It is simple:


Raise a minimum of $1 per person and share the news of the development of a vaccine that allows an individual’s own immune system to attack and to defeat cancer cells within one’s own body.


Go to our donation page to find out where to send the money you collect.


Forward the names of the groups from whom you collect money to Pennies in Action by U.S. Mail addressed to 3100 Dutton Mill Road, Aston PA 19014 or via email addressed to


All donations will be applied toward the direct costs of medical trials in the use of vaccines to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer conducted by Brian J. Czerniecki, M.D. of the University of Pennsylvania. The medical technology is here today, but the funding needs to be raised so the technology may be put into use.




It is a Pennies in Action initiative by “We the people around the globe.”




Pennies in Action is committed to furnishing the scientists with all the tools and resources necessary to accomplish the goal of removing the threat of cancer one vaccine at a time.


Pennies in Action’s mission is A World Without Cancer in Our Lifetime!


Why you would join our initiative

     • A lot of us are survivors or were touched by cancer

     • All Pennies in Action money goes to get this research over the finish line

     • Pennies in Action is all volunteers truly fighting for the cause

     • You will help stop the horrible suffering

     • You will be part of history


Who can participate?

Schools, teams, companies, events, offices, families, groups of 2 or more...

Some groups who have already started to help Pennies in Action purple the globe:


Voorhees Middle School - 1100 students - $2,525


Imagine Chancellor Charter School - 1000 students - $2,000, plus an anonymous donor match of $2,000


Ridley Ice Hockey Club - 90 people - $4,500


Sun Valley Ice Hockey Club - $1,000


IceWorks Skating Club - 235 people - $235


IceWorks Advertising & Tournament Planning - 3 people - $3


Fox, Differ, Callahan, Sheridan & McDevitt Law Office - 5 people - $5


Easter Egg Hunt - 5 kids - $15


IceWorks Coaches - 13 people - $13


Pavlick Family - 3 people - $3


Boornazian Families - 6 people - $12


IceWorks Front Office - 5 people - $5


Barnes Family - $5


Roberts Family - $5


Dr. Steven Mathews - 5 people - $10


Divine Debutantes Afternoon Tea - $40


Brown Family - 5 people - $5


Weinberg Family - 4 people - $5

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